Food – Restaurants

Food – Restaurants

Traditional cuisine of the island of Hvar and of Dalmatia generally, is very simple and natural, and is recognized today by modern nutritional standards: moderate duration of cooking, fresh fish and seafood, extra virgin olive oil, vegetables.

Always fresh sea fish (sea-bream, sea perch, gilthead, mackerel, sardine) grilled, cooked or marinated; squids, cuttlefish, octopus, shrimps, lobsters, shells of all kinds cooked in fish soup or “risotto”, typical Dalmatian smoked ham served with fresh or seasoned sheep or goat cheese, and with green and black olives and capers, lamb cooked on barbecue on the open fire, vegetable soups with dumplings… just to name some of the dishes you can enjoy in numerous Hvar restaurants. Local farmers offer absolutely fresh and very tasteful season fruit and vegetables.
There are excellent white and red wines thanks to the islands’ exposure to the sun all year round.

You are going to like typical desserts of Hvar because of their simplicity and rich taste. Their main ingredients are Mediterranean fruits (dried figs, raisins and almonds) honey and fresh eggs (mandulati, smokvenjaci, paprenjaci and rožate are the names of traditional cakes) and they are even better with a sip of prosecco, sweet dessert wine produced on the island.

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Pizzeria Ristorante FONTANA

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