Hvar by day

Hvar by day

The City of Hvar has an architectonic structure that still today conditions strongly the habits and the daily life: everything takes place around the epicenter represented from its public square and from the river, inside of the old city, where the entrance of motor vehicles is forbidden and who takes a walk moves to the inside of one great pedestrian area. So it is very easy be attracted by coffees bar, shops and from the several stores placed in the alleys and from the small restaurants; the road, realized with employment of a refined local white stone, becomes a meeting place.

In the morning the market is a very happy place. Is easy to find it because it is situated right close to the cathedral. There are many local products, absolutely genuine, but in order to make good deals, it is better wake up early in the morning, above all for the fish. The local fishermen do not fish great amounts, therefore what they carry to the market of fish comes sold fastly in the first hours of the morning. Fruit and vegetables are fresh and tasty and can be bought directly from the peasants on the market stalls. Also the meat is of a very good quality, above all for grilled lovers. The peculiarity of the market is the amusing and vital atmosphere, typical of a simple and Mediterranean society where everybody is a friend and it’s a pleasure to meet every day to chat, to exchange opinions, to joke, and the time does not condition in exasperated way the daily engagements.
Anyway for every necessity, everything can be bought in one of the numerous markets situated in the several zones of the city. The breakfast early riser in the coffees bar on along sea becomes a daily ritual for the tourist.
Drinking a coffee, a cappuccino and eating a pastry, you can reed the first newspapers, meet new friends, program the day.
There are many possibilities of choice in order to spend a great sunny day at the beach. How to choose the right beach? There are many beaches, as an example:
beaches round the cities of Hvar reachable by foot;
beaches on the archipelago of the Pakleni islands, reachable by the numerous taxis-boat in departure from the dock in front of the arsenal;
beaches reachable by bicycle, motorbike, car, with short excursions;
beaches situated on the southern side of the island, reachable only via sea by other taxis-boat starting beside those carrying tourists to the near Pakleni islands.

Lovers of the full autonomy can rent a boat (there are many available ones) and to spend one day following their favourite itinerary. The island is one true paradise for nautical lovers: who comes to Hvar with a rubber dinghy or a boat will never forget the infinite possibilities about navigation and the hundred surrounding islands, offering every day various and unpolluted itineraries. The city is rich of tourist services of every kind and the tourist can amuse itself doing sport or relaxing:

  • it is possible to program an excursion (short or long) in order to visit the more characteristic places of the island, the Dalmatian cities of art, the natural parks;
  • renting a bicycle, a motorbike or a bike, it is possible to discover charming angles and visit the inside of the island to the discovery of the culture and the local traditions, in the small villages less involved from the tourist flow;
  • for sport lovers, it is possible to program a day of immersion at the local diving schools, where the instructors know seabed like their own pockets, or simply rent the equipment according to their own necessities. Many sports can be done: particularly emotionally is the experience of rafting on the local rivers that cross a blooming and unpolluted nature.

As said before, the city offers a lot also to who is interested in a cultural walk, with numerous museums, monuments, historical buildings that can be visited every day. The overhanging visit to fortress is an experience not to lose for the treasures of the building and the sight of the cities and of the archipelago of the islands, until the farthest Vis. In the late afternoon the city is revived: the tourists re-enter from beaches, the inhabitants, after the warmer hours of the day, gladly make a walk on seafront and the city returns to being a meeting place.


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