Lavender blooming

Lavender blooming

Hvar is known as the island of sun that shines all the year round, but it has always been the island of lavender.
Every year in June and July the “miracle” of blooming repeats and the lavender fields, grown for many generations, rich with extraordinary colours and fragrances dominate the landscape.

Try to imagine, closing your eyes for a moment, the sweet-scent and the pale purple colour of lavender in contrast with the white of the stones, the blue of the sea and sky and you’ll realize that this is an experience you will not easily forget.
According to an old tradition, entire families gather to pick lavender flowers and stalks in a festive mood shared by everyone.
The precious content of the flowers is conserved through the preparation of essential oils, whose medical properties have been known for centuries.
Just to name some of them, inherited from old herbalists who used it for medical treatments.

Essential oils of lavender – Use and medical properties:

  • HEADACHE: you can get excellent results if you massage temples, forehead, neck and areas behind ears.
  • DEPRESSIONS AND HEARTACHE: pour 4-5 drops of lavender oil on a cube of sugar –it should be taken on an empty stomach.
  • REUMATISMS: massage painful muscles and joints with lavender oil.
  • BATHS: 20-30 drops of lavender oil diluted in the water have excellent relaxing effect, which refreshes your body and loosens tensions.
  • AGAINST MOSCHITOS AND OTHER INSECTS: during the night spray your body and room with lavender oil.
  • Dried lavender flowers are good for making herbal tea with surprising effect against asthma, heart nervousness, and intestinal contractions. It is also very effective against moth if placed among linen sheets and clothes.

To buy a bottle of lavender essence from the island means to take home with you a souvenir, which will “bring you back” to Hvar every time you want to open it.

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