Holiday house areas

Holiday house areas

Different holiday house areas can be easily found by their names, as it can be seen on the city map. From West to East there are:


(Click on the names of the localities you will have one description of the zone.)

Mala Grčka: the most western bay with hotel facilities and beaches with free admission. It is well protected from the wind, even during very windy days. Up

Podstine: area with many holiday houses right next to the sea, car access, various services. Distance from the centre: 15 minutes’ walk. Up

Šamoretov Dolac: an area on the hill, with panoramic view, car access, various services. Distance from the centre: 10 minutes’ walk. Up

Majerovica: area with luxury holiday houses by the sea, car access, various services. Distance from the centre: about 10 minutes’ walk. Up

Zastup: very green area thanks to a pinewood, located on a hill in the vicinity of the biggest hotel complex in Hvar with many facilities. Car access, there is also Hvar medical centre with many out patient departments. Distance from the sea: 150 m, from city centre about 15 minutes’ walk. Up

Amfora: there is the major hotel and beach with facilities available to everyone. Houses in this area are excellent, close to the sea and city centre. Car access is possible but finding a parking place may be difficult. Up

Sv. Marak: area next to the city centre full of narrow streets that make driving and parking your car difficult. On the shore there is municipality building and Port office. Up

Gojava: delightful area because of panoramic view, it is located between the old fortress and the centre and is famous for photos. It is quite inconvenient for driving: because of one way streets you have to make medium-long distances every time you want to take your car. There is a long stairway from the fortress to the city centre. Up

Centar grada: the city of Hvar as you can see it on the postcards, with its main square animated by shops, cafés, and restaurants. Exclusively pedestrian area, car access is not allowed not even for loading/unloading baggage. You need to leave your car on the nearby external parking place (charge). Those who choose an accommodation in the centre should be ready to renounce their night peace because the nights in Hvar, especially in midsummer, are very lively and loud. Up

Groda: historic area in the very heart of the city, within the city walls, home to ancient Hvar families. Access by car is not possible, exclusively pedestrian area. Car can be left on the nearby parking place outside the city walls (charge). Up

Dolac: area with municipality parking places, easy access by car. It is only 200 meters far from the centre, so it is convenient because of the vicinity of the market and shops in the centre and there are no limitations in use of your car or motorbike. Interesting for its advantages, but has no direct view of the sea. Up

Riva: together with the main square it represents the central part of the town. All ferry boats, speedboats, sailing boats and motorboats ashore there. There are few houses for hire on Riva, but in nearby narrow streets of the old town there are many restored houses for tourists. They are usually quite small apartments, but cute and above all in the centre. This is a completely pedestrian area that cannot be reached by car or motorbike, suitable for those who arrive without their own means of transportation. Up

Sv.Mikula: area situated on a hill above Riva with wonderful view of the port and islands. There are many tastefully restored houses, keeping in mind original, usually very old architecture. The apartments can be reached only on foot with many stairs on your way. Up

Pod Glavicu: area next to St. Mikula (as above). Up

Križa: area next to Franciscan monastery in the eastern part. It can be reached by car, but it is very close to the historic core, it takes only a few minutes by walk. The houses are new with modern and comfortable apartments. Anyway it is a peaceful area that remained off the main communication roads. Up

Bukainka: quite recent area, with panoramic view, advisable for those who have taken their car or motorbike along: modern and well-equipped apartments, view of the sea. If you go to the centre, leave the car on the main parking places. Fresh bread available, the shops are quite near. Up

Lučica: area on the hill between Bukainka and the sea. Good apartments often with car access, the centre and the sea are within easy reach. Shopping in the area. Up

Vrisak: about 700 m far from the sea, situated on the hill, area with dense population, there are many houses.  Access by car and motorbike is possible. Distant from the centre, thanks to good availability of rooms and apartments the prices are lower. Up

Križna Luka: Next to the sea so the apartments are more expensive. It is convenient for the car but also for walks because it is possible to reach the centre along the seaside in 10 minutes only. The area is very green and there are many services: gas station for cars and boats, supermarkets, football field. Up

Križni rat: a residential suburb in the middle of a Mediterranean pinewood. Apartments are modern and comfortable, but more expensive. It takes at least 10 minutes on foot to the centre; it’s advisable to take car. No services in the area. Up