Hvar by night

Hvar by night

The night-panorama of this city becomes charming, because all the artistic patrimony is illuminated and everything appears like a great crip. The pedestrian area of the entire centre invites to go out and to enjoy the walks on along sea.
The city is full of original stores where local handicraft souvenirs can be bought, such as lavender and rosemary essence, a true tradition of this island that from the ancient times is called the lavender and rosemary island.
The benefits of these essences are famous from ancient times, above all of these obtained from non treated plants and following handicraft methods, handed on from father to son.
To buy a little bag of lavender flowers and a little bottle of essence means to bring back home a part of Hvar and it makes the Hvar memory alive and present.
In Fontana Shop we have tried to link together the curative effects of the essences with the opportunity to offer to the tourist a souvenir of good taste: particular confections and painted by hand china of optimal quality can be found.

In the city there are some art galleries where the works of Croatian artists can be admired but also bought. On along sea there are innumerable bars where the night can be spent in a spirit of joy meeting people, but to the inside of the old city there are still some traditional wine cellars (konobe) where the accompanied local wine from a plate of prosciutto Dalmatian can be tried.
The supper passed in one of the restaurants of the city is truly pleasant because the choice is immense for tipologia, location and prices: it can be chosen from the simple pizzeria to the restaurant with menů suit and paper of wines, or to opt for a evening in a traditional local trattoria to familiar conduction, where often who peach the fish and who manages the restaurant is the same person.

The young people and those that love the nights of music can choose between numerous discotheques and disc-bar that they represent encounter places, opened until the dawn, attends from personages celebrates to you of the sport, the show or the fashion of all the world.
One characteristic of Hvar, perhaps underrated and little famous to more, is represented from the climate and from the absolutely international atmosphere that characterizes it and that of it represents one of the values more consolidates you of the tourist tradition: every situation, during the day to the sea and especially during the evenings in city and the nights, becomes occasion of acquaintance of people of all the world, especially between the young people that have a less classified attitude istinctively and more incline to the socialization.

For who it loves classic music is possible to participate to the musical evenings to the Convent of the Franciscans, or to the evenings of lyric music and organ in Cathedral: they are absolutely exceptional architectonic contexts that gratify also the sight beyond that the ear of gets passionate to you. The showcase with the summery program of the evenings of classic music is exposed in proximity of the easy consultabile arsenal and to all.
During the summer the island spirit also of numerous popular festivities that are carried out in all the villages and that they represent one occasion in order to pass one various evening. In the city of Hvar numerous manifestations and shows, concerts of music with the most famous Croatian singers and competitions of beauty like the final selection of Miss come organized Croatia for Miss Universe.

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