On this page we will try to answer your possible questions. If there remained any doubt or curiosity to be satisfied, do not hesitate to write info@happyhvar.com to get an answer soon!

>> Handing over of booked accommodation upon your arrival to Hvar?
>> What to do in case you are late?
>> When to leave the accommodation?
>> In what condition must the accommodation be returned?
>> Can I invite friends during my stay?
>> Coffee?
>> Pasta?
>> Price range?
>> Foreign newspapers?
>> Do I have to bring foreign currency?
>> Is my health protection guaranteed?
>> Where to ashore upon arrival on the island?
>> Is it necessary to have a car on the island?
>> Are there nice beaches on the island?
>> Are beaches well organized?
>> What about rubber-boats?

Handing over of booked accommodation upon your arrival to Hvar?
As soon as you arrive to the town of Hvar, you should contact tourist agency “Fontana Tours”, in its premises on Hvar Riva, near the post office. After you have delivered your documentation, an agency employee will accompany you to your accommodation. The accommodation is at your disposal as of 12:00 hrs the day the reservation commences.   Up

What to do in case you are late?
In case of running late, you must phone agency “Fontana Tours” to make sudden change of plan. If you do not phone the agency within 24 hours, your reservation will be considered annulled without the possibility of reimbursement of the advance payment. The delay does not decrease the price for the delayed period.   Up

When to leave the accommodation?
You should leave the accommodation by 10 o’clock on the day of departure. The way of returning the key differs from one accommodation to another. Therefore, we suggest you make previous agreement with the agency “Fontana Tours” on this issue.  Up

In what condition must the accommodation be returned?
Dishes must be washed and properly stored, garbage should be thrown away. Do not leave anything for the owner to throw it away upon your departure! All items that were provided for you at handing over of the accommodation should be put to their place. If an item has been damaged it should be reported to the agency. We remind you that the owner cleans up the accommodation.  Up

Can I invite friends during my stay?
Persons, children or newborns that have not been registered are not allowed to reside in the accommodation. Please, pay extreme attention to this notification. Such persons will immediately be reported to the police and will borne the accommodation cost. In case you might need additional accommodation, we suggest you report it to the agency which will try to meet your request.

Those of you, who cannot start the day without classic Italian coffee, should bring your own coffee machines and coffee that you usually take. The best way to start your holidays is to start the day with well-known products.   Up

La pasta?
Traditional pasta consumers can find all well-known pasta brands in local shops, though at prices higher than usual. Those used to “industrial” quantity of pasta, should better bring some along.  Up

Price range?
* Bread, milk, fruit, vegetables – cheap and of good quality
* Alcohol beverages – relatively expensive; domestic beer brands – high quality and cheap
* Restaurants; different quality with prices varying from 15 to 50 EUR. Menu is based on meat and
fish barbecue (traditionally big portions)
* Coffee bars, different pubs and discotheques – European prices 

Foreign newspapers?
Dailies – you can find major national daily newspapers dated the previous day
Weeklies – you can find all well-known weeklies. 

Do I have to bring foreign currency?
You can purchase only in Croatian national currency (Kuna). A tourist can bring his national currency and exchange it in a bank or exchange office. As an alternative, you can use your travel checks which you can exchange in local banks. It is possible to exchange the currency at any time in case of need. We suggest you exchange only the amount you need so that you do not have to bring it back to your country where it is difficult to exchange Kuna into EUR.
All credit cards used internationally can be used for paying if designated so on the shop entrance. You can also take cash from the local banks’ cash machines.. 

Is my health protection guaranteed?
There is a small medical center in Hvar, a first aid station in the centre of the town and a well supplied pharmacy. Medical protection is granted and in case of urgent need there is a quick connection with the Split hospital, which is the closest land hospital. Medical protection is not expensive. Many countries have introduced the reciprocity system which provides full and free medical protection if tourists have documentation issued by certain health institutions. We suggest you collect information whether the system exists between your country and Croatia.   Up

Where to ashore upon arrival on the island?
The island is huge and has different ports.
Land connections:
Collegamenti con la costa croata
Ferry Boat: departs Split and arrives at Stari Grad which is the main Hvar port. The town of Hvar is connected with the 11 km far-away Stari Grad by a modern road. The island is connected with the land three times a day, during summer season the frequency of connection increases to 5/6 departures and arrivals.
Alternative connection is with the northern part of the Croatian coast. Ferry leaves the town of Rijeka and sails all night to ashore at Stari Grad in morning of the following day.
Speedboat : departs Split port and arrives directly at Hvar port (everyday connection)
Connections with the Italian coast:
Ferry boat: all year round there is a line Split – Ancona and further with ferry lines to the island of Hvar, as previously mentioned. During summer season, the Ancona – Stari Grad line is introduced (information on timetable can be obtained in Ancona). Additional solution is Bari – Dubrovnik line and further by road to Split and then to Hvar.
Speedboat; only during summer season, Ancona – Split but also Pescara –Stari Grad or Pescara – Hvar. Information can be obtained in Ancona and Pescara Agencies. New lines from Termoli, Vaso and Giulianove Marche are in preparation.  

Is it necessary to have a car on the island?
A car is not a must. Taking a car is suggested to those who have lot of luggage (or those with small children). Otherwise what may happen is that once you park the car you do not need it any more. Furthermore, a car represents an additional concern at boarding and setting ashore from a ferry boat. We suggest preparing yourself to patience and special caution, especially if you are planning to go on holidays during August. We also inform those who are coming without cars that there is a possibility of renting cars or motorbikes for possible visit to other island towns and hidden bays.   Up

Are there nice beaches on the island?
There are very few sand beaches on the island which are usually crowded with people. In most cases these are gravel beaches. Beaches with long shallow spot where you can walk without getting too deep are rare. Beaches usually have only a small area of shallow spot followed by a deeper part. There are many equipped beaches along rocky shores with facilitated approach to the sea (ladder) and beautiful bottom of the sea.   Up

Are beaches well organized?
Do not expect Hvar beaches to be organized like those in world known resorts. You can rarely find renting service for sunshades or chairs so we suggest you bring your own. There is no fee for entrance to beaches, so the sooner you arrive, the better position you take. You can rarely find safe guards but swimming borders are well marked. In beaches’ vicinity you can find bars, restaurants, different water sports activities like diving, water skiing, ascensional flight by a boat drawn parachute…  Up

What about rubber-boats?
As for diving it into the sea, there is no problem. However, it is usually very hard to dock the boat during your stay in Hvar. In case you decide to bring it with you, it is better to contact us in time: we will find a dock for your rubber-boat and inform you about relative docking prices. .  Up