What say about Hvar

What say about Hvar

Hvar island, with its consolidated tourist tradition, is a place known by the more exigent tourists looking for natural beauties.

Every year, Hvar becomes alive thanks to persons coming from all the world, ready to travel a lot to reach it and visit it, many others because they can’t do without coming back again to Hvar.

It’s often been mentioned in literature and history books and, during last years has become protagonist also on some more prestigious the tourist reviews.

“Traveller” American review, after charging hundred of experts to visit more than two hundred islands all over the world, has inserted Hvar within the ten beautiful islands of the world.
Hvar has been a journalistic services object in the Italian reviews “Dove” (Where)  and “Tuttoturismo”.

Come to Hvar and write your personal journalistic article!