The best period for a holiday on the island of Hvar is from April to October.
The average temperature in summer is from 26 to 30°, while, the sea temperature is of 26°C.

 The high season (July and August) is favourable for tourists who most of all want to enjoy, while the variety of the Croatian coast offers many quiet places to those who want to relax, far from the music of discotheques.

 The spring sun comes with the month of March, but with it, it comes also some unexpected heavy shower, while the first autumnal months, September and October, are the ideal period for tourists who wish for a quiet holiday.

 Far from high season beaches are not full of people, prices are much more convenient, weather is still wonderful and the sea temperature is pleasant. However, Croatia can be visited in each period of the year.

In winter heavier dressed are necessary, although the Mediterranean climate. Although temperature values never come down until the zero, the wind can be very strong.

 Weather information: