Rent a car/scooter/bike/boat

Rent a car/scooter/bike/boat

For those who arrive on the island without their own means of transportation needn’t worry about local drives.

There are many bus connections with other island towns and villages but in case of need or if you just want to be independent, you can always hire a car, a motorbike, a bike or a boat.

We provide our clients with an efficient renting service, tailored according to you needs: phone or contact us by e-mail or send a fax, drop in at our agency if you are already in Hvar and make a reservation.

We’ll certainly find the right solution for you!

Taxi Boat

If you want to go the nearby islands we recommend you to take Taxi Boat. It is a unique service run by natives of Hvar who will accompany you to your destination for they know the sea better than their own house.

We say to all our clients to turn to us with confidence in our premises.

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