The island of Hvar

The island of Hvar

Crystal blue sea, delightful bays, always mild climate, exuberant vegetation, vineyards, olive plantations, endless lavender fields, places of historic and cultural interest are some of the elements that make Hvar one of the most beautiful islands in the world!


In this section, we’ll try to give you all information you need to know better the island of Hvar and find the answer to all your necessities.

  • Hvar by day: Description of the town of Hvar and what it offers to its guests during daytime.
  • Hvar by night: Description of the nightlife in Hvar.
  • Lavender blooming: Hvar is also called “the island of lavender” and every year in June and July the “miracle” of blooming repeats.
  • Climate: Climate throughout year
  • Some tips on history: Curiosities and information on the history of Hvar.
  • Geographic position
  • What is written about Hvar: Some reviews published in prestigious magazines.

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